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Artist: Zella Day

Zella Day
Zella Day has been described as a 'happier Lana Del Rey', and you can see what 'they' mean: she's poppier and more upbeat than LDR, although there is still an underlying quality of sadness to even her most exuberant tunes. She's got plenty to be happy about - still in her teens, she is one of the most blogged-about artists of the year so far. She's got a background as a folkie/country girl, growing up in a small ranch town in Arizona with a population of less than 5,000, and if that sounds too fictional to be true, she used to perform Dylan, Presley and Bobby Darin songs in the family-owned Mor Mor Coffee House. Soon, she was writing her own songs - in what will surely become lore, she is said to have come up with an album of self-penned songs by the time she was 13. Even in her latest, studio-polished tracks, you can detect a country-ish twang in her voice, in the same way that, divested of its west-coast sheen, Stevie Nicks' music would probably reveal a country and western troubadour.


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Albums by Zella Day
Kicker (2015)