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Soldier by Anna Nalick
Wreck of the Day lyrics Song: Soldier
Artist: Anna Nalick
Album: Wreck of the Day (2005)
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He was a soldier
He always was
He left his city to fight for America
And we fell in love to music
We were just kids
We didn't have time to be sorry for what we did

And I said hey boy
Whatchya cryin' for
It'll be OK in the end
And if this life doesn't give you the love you expect
There's always the next

She was a pretty Texas girl
The answer to his prayers
He called me to tell me he'd fallen in love with her
She sang like an angel
Loved like a friend
And she made my soldier believe he could live aain
When she said


So I'll be a gambler
And He'll be home free
He'll marry Texas and I'll marry melody
So love like my soldier
Fight for what's true
And smile at the gates 'cause their hate don't belong to you

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Wreck of the Day lyrics Artist: Anna Nalick
Album: Wreck of the Day
Release: (2005)