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Sorry by As It Is
Never Happy, Ever After lyrics Song: Sorry
Artist: As It Is
Album: Never Happy, Ever After (2015)

Fix me, I'm defective.
Stitch me up and make me feel new again.
Take all that's wrong and correct it.
Leave nothing that resembles this mess that I am.
I miss what never was with us, our fiction I constructed.
You're everywhere and all that I think about.
I can't even feel alone in my own head.

On my own again
I'm trying not to feel 'cause I'm feeling like the world forgot me.
On my own again
Yeah, you were always his
And all I ever was was sorry.

I'm my own invention
An unfulfilled and underwhelmed work of art.
I'm desperate for your affection
It's hopeless, I know, but that's just who I am.
It's like my mind has mirrored walls
And you're standing in the middle.
I'm equal parts self-doubt and confidence
And I'm confident I'll die with every word I have left unsaid.

I'm just a reader
You're every chapter
Never happy, ever after
(On my own again)

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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