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Come To Me by Björk
Debut lyrics Song: Come To Me
Artist: Björk
Album: Debut (1993)
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Come to me
I'll take care of you
Protect you
Calm, calm down
You're exhausted
Come lie down
You don't have to explain
I understand

You know
That I adore you
You know
That I love you
So don't make me say it
It would burst the bubble
Break the charm

Jump off
Your building's on fire
I'll catch you
I'll catch you
Destroy all that is keeping you down
And then I'll nurse you
I'll nurse you

Come to me
I'll take care of you
You don't have to explain
I understand
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Debut lyrics Artist: Björk
Album: Debut
Release: (1993)

  Come To Me