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Sunshine by Buckcherry
15 lyrics Song: Sunshine
Artist: Buckcherry
Album: 15 (2006)
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Playin with me baby will get you stung like a bee
You keep playing with me baby until I'm deep in between
I know your never gonna agree, love life rollercoaster
You never let the sunshine you better take it from me
And every time you sun shines you make me week in the knees
I know your never gonna agree, love life rollercoaster
Your momma's never gonna believe, went to bed with a monster
Leave a light on cry tomorrow
And I'll show up
Leave a light on cry tomorrow
And let your sunshine
I bet you had a hard life, it's time to set you free
Crying with your green eyes, I'm sorry baby please



Sugar my sunshine I want to make you scream
Baby your so fine you got ta play with me
I know your never gonna agree
Your mama's never gonna believe
Your daddy thinks I'm a freak

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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15 lyrics Artist: Buckcherry
Album: 15
Release: (2006)

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