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Hurra, Hurra Die Schule Brennt by Busted
Busted lyrics Song: Hurra, Hurra Die Schule Bren...
Artist: Busted
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Lets Go!
The girls in the suburbs
They wear nose-rings made of Phosphor
Their lips are blue
Hair is green
They got piercings in their ears.
Sticking it out the pockets
Some bottles of beer
They're running through the streets
And every place that they go
Is a stench of fuel in the air.

Das ist neu
Das ist neu
Hurra, Hurra die Schule Brennt [x2]

The girls in the suburbs
It's all that they way
Kicking the alarm
The sirens Sound
The bells they ring
Children start to scream
Schools Burning Down!
Schools Burning Down!
The sirens in the distance
Everything's Good
By the Firewood
Where the school Stood
Everybody sing:


The girls in the suburb
They wear Nose-rings made out of phosphor
Radios turned up to eleven
Punk rock ringing in their ears
Then came each other,
By the burning fire.
The sun shines in the sky,
The fire is burning
Out of Control
And I don't want to die!

[Chorus x4]

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Home > Busted > Hurra, Hurra Die Schule Bren...



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