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Calypso by Dawn Richard

Blackheart lyrics Calypso
Artist: Dawn Richard
Album: Blackheart (2015)


Lyrics for Calypso by Dawn Richard

My heart beat is the calypso drum
When you clap for me
I hear bum bum bum
And if you care for me
Don't stop till I'm numb
Cause I live this type of inner satisfaction.

I been waiting
No running.

Been waiting for the light to start flashing
So I could give your hands a reason to start raisin
So if you care for me
Don't stop till its done
Cause I live for this type of shit slow motion.

Slow motion... [x3]

I been waiting for this feeling
I been waiting so long
Been waiting for this feeling
They couldn't have been so wrong.

Bum bum bum
Like the calypso drum
We are like the calypso drum
Our hearts go bum.

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This song is part of album 'Blackheart'
Blackheart lyrics Album: Blackheart
Artist: Dawn Richard
Release: (2015)

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