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SMFU (Save Me From U) by Dawn Richard
Dawn Richard lyrics Song: SMFU (Save Me From U)
Artist: Dawn Richard
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Lyrics for SMFU (Save Me From U) by Dawn Richard

It's a mystery, how no ones figured you out
When it gets too deep, you just let me drown, yea...
Who needs an enemy, when the one you love is tearing you down
And dragging you into the ground.

I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of calling
Only for you to let me down
My heart is vacan't, no more tears falling
From here on out I've made a vow, I don't need no...

I don't need no rescue from a falling plane
Saving from a building going up in flames
So baby before you go put on your cape
Save me from you.

Don't know the man behind the mask identity
Cause your the only hero I know that can be
Saving everyone but keep on hurting me
Save me from you.

My hearts on my sleeve, every time you come around
When have the key, you choose to shut me out.

How can you be superman, with an "s" on your chest
When every time I need you first, I seem to be always be last
My bat signal's in the sky, still you're nowhere to be found.

[Repeat 1 & 2]

I don't need your protection from danger
I don't need you to shield me from harm
I don't need you save me from a robbery, when your the one who's stolen my heart
Don't need you to steer my ship from a glacier, when your the one breaking us apart
I don't need you to come save the day, just save me from your arms...

[Repeat 2]

It's a mystery, how no ones figured you out...

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Home > Dawn Richard > SMFU (Save Me From U)
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