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Can't Live It Down by Dierks Bentley

Long Trip Alone lyrics Can't Live It Down
Artist: Dierks Bentley
Album: Long Trip Alone (2006)

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Lyrics for Can't Live It Down by Dierks Bentley

I've been called a rambler
'cause I keep my eyes on that horizon line
And I've been called a gambler
'cause I always wanna let my winnings ride
I've been broke more times than I can count
I've been stuck for days in a lonely town
When my luck ran south

Hey I might be makin' me a reputation
Of goin' my own way and
I can't live it down
Got the throttle wide open gonna live it up knowin'
In this life you only
Get one go around
And I can't live it down

There's times I've wasted money
'cause I know that I can always make more cash
But wasted time is something man
When it's gone you can't get it back
So I'll go on burnin' up both ends
'cause I don't want a whole lot of might've-beens
Now that would be a sin

[Repeat chorus]

Gonna live for place I ain't been
Make a lot of good remember-whens
Right up to the end

[Repeat chorus]
I can't live it down
I can't live it down

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Home > Dierks Bentley > Can't Live It Down

This song is part of album 'Long Trip Alone'

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