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Down On Easy Street by Dierks Bentley

Modern Day Drifter lyrics Down On Easy Street
Artist: Dierks Bentley
Album: Modern Day Drifter (2005)

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Lyrics for Down On Easy Street by Dierks Bentley

Guess you heard I'm doin' well
Struck it rich, to hear some folks tell
But I'm still the same old me
Down on easy street

You give your all to find that road
And you lose touch with some people as you go
Promises are hard to keep
Down on easy street

But when I lay down, and you're not there
Girl, I wish I was anywhere, but

In this world where the telephone is all I touch
When I'm alone and no one ever really knows
The man inside of me
Up here in this lonely room just a-sippin' wine
And a-missin' you girl I've got everything
But what I need
That's why I'm down
Down on easy street

Someone told me you moved on
Well who could blame you, with me so off and gone
But do you ever think of me
Down on easy street

If you're out this way, some week, some year
Girl, you'll still find me waitin' here

[Repeat chorus twice]

Down on easy street
Down on easy street

Guess you heard I'm doin' well

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Home > Dierks Bentley > Down On Easy Street

This song is part of album 'Modern Day Drifter'
Modern Day Drifter lyrics Album: Modern Day Drifter
Artist: Dierks Bentley
Release: (2005)
  Down On Easy Street

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