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Velvet by Fergie

The Dutchess lyrics Velvet
Artist: Fergie
Album: The Dutchess (2006)


Lyrics for Velvet by Fergie

It's cold outside,
Why don't you come in
I know, my walls are crumbling
It's late at night
And lately I've been alone
But that could be changing
What you do to me
Onjures up feelings
I've never felt before
And your company I adore
So deliciously
Gold and burgundy
Sink into me I feel so warm

I feel you
I taste you the smoothest as wine like velvet can't help it
This love's divine

The moon is full
The stars are aligned
I know, just look into my eyes
It's beautiful,
Your skin against mine
I hope, you let your mind take flight
Under velvet skies
Lover we can fky away from the world
Let all of our love unfurl
What a gorgeous ride
You don't have to hide
A thing from me, I am your girl

I feel you
I taste you as wine
The smoothest like velvet, can't help it
This love's divine

I'm ready to feel you slowly we escape
Our time we can take ,we can take, we can take
I'm ready to feel you, feel you, feel you, feel you, feel you, feel feel


I feel you
I taste you
The smoothest as wine
Like velvet
Can't help it
This love's divine

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This song is part of album 'The Dutchess'

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