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Hem Of Her Dress by First Aid Kit

Ruins lyrics Hem Of Her Dress
Artist: First Aid Kit
Album: Ruins (2018)


Lyrics for Hem Of Her Dress by First Aid Kit

So here we go again
I know how this one ends
It's a phone call from someplace far away
You say you found yourself
Oh, in someone else
And she makes you forget about the rain.

Her eyes are a golden hue
And everything you knew
Slips away at the hem of her dress
As I was passing by
That old mountain side
It turned to dust at my feet.

So I am incomplete
So loud and so discreet
You tried to pinpoint me, I guess that was your mistake
Too much whiskey
Too much honey, too much wine
I learned some things never heal with time.

I've been waiting here
Feels like a million years
And I'm a photograph that you forgot you took
But I remember spring
I remember everything
Oh, I guess that's the way it goes.

(Here we go!)

Lalalalalala lalalalalala lalala la lalalala lalala....

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This song is part of album 'Ruins'
Ruins lyrics Album: Ruins
Artist: First Aid Kit
Release: (2018)
  Hem Of Her Dress

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