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In A Dream by Hodgy
Untitled lyrics Song: In A Dream
Artist: Hodgy
EP: Untitled (2012)
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Both of my eyes are closed, I roll on my clairvoyance
That's why we make appointments, there are no disappointments
And it makes it less awkward when you smile through my avoidance
Your heart speaks to your mind and rejoices
But reality had set it's path, you are stuck with your choices
And none of them have to do with me
I'm empty, you are full of me
A fool for me, compulsively destructing my cell phone
Building hand held behind the wheel screamin' and speedin'
You're crying, I feel like crashing and causing an accident
I've had it with the angry passionate love
That was mistaken for lust fabrican't
You forgive me for all of my accidents I've had the last of it
Pick up speed on laurel canyon, chancing to crash the whip, I'm fast in it
Body's adrenaline rush, and a sentiment touch
Relevance is much stiff as elephant's tusk
After hits of that hells angels dust
Stone rollin' to find myself at the liquor store
Maybe I can get some help at the liquor store (store?)
Give me that jack off the shelf in the liquor store
Popped the bottle in the parking lot, girl you get to pour.

I'm writing ryhmes these are fighting lines
Or guidance lines, just abide by mines
Or divide the times we've shared
And your a part of time, with the war that you declared
And we share it together like an eclair
Cause I just wanna be fair, and you just wanna be here
I don't understand it, I'm anger managed
I fucking panic, you stress me to the point I'm frantic
Sirens, ambulances, emotional inbalances
Beautiful ballerina dances as I spin her body like a dreidle
She asks me if I love her I told her keep it under the table
Only if I'm able on and off like bad cable
And this is not a fable, this is somewhere I've been
A wishing well, me, sin, cinnamon and my pen.
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Untitled lyrics Artist: Hodgy
EP: Untitled
Release: (2012)

  In A Dream