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Kobain by Hodgy
Hodgy lyrics Song: Kobain
Artist: Hodgy

Lyrics for Kobain by Hodgy

Yeah chase the wave bitch.

[Verse 1]
Sacrificed teachers on how to be patient
All they look for is your opinion and some validation
Just left my mom's for breakfast, smelling like family and bacon
My heart beats irrationally, passionately racing
Sipping on the 40, by my waist, 38 special
It's a date and niggas late on they pearly gate schedule
I'm complicated, thoughts concentrated and intellectual
Architectural buildings inseparable like green and a vegetable
I was wild, they thought I repped the demon, inside of pentacle asking what he believe me
He tell them these genitals, grabbing his tentacles, a dollar fifty ain't spendable
Or responsible but accessible to the hoochies who backs are bendable
Yeah and on a second note, fuck and on a second note.

[Verse 2]
On the second note, you're killing my high
Dividable from hater, get away fuck, I hope that you die
Not in the sense you're not alive, I mean inside
Decease his ego when he cries no further words implied
Smoke the hottest earth, 'til I'm blue like papa smurf
When you see me pop a perc, I deal with pain, a lot of hurt
Sleep it off for an hour-something then right to work
Structure resize the verse, reignite a birth
Of who you are, who are you when you are where you are?
I be that sparkle at night and cluedo to every star
Expect me to pull up in hoopty or luxury car
Go from having nothing but yourself to having it all
No help, mad at yourself or backing it to the wall
And note that the rising be coming
Fire for you 'em far
You got 'em far, pick up the line, it's your call nigga.

[Verse 3]
And on a second note, I leave a third note
Read it, got you thinking speeds of a turtle
Now you're reaching in the cupboard, drinking cups of merlow
They say drugs get the best of you, take over your soul and the rest of you
What's left of you, a little money in the bank
When nothing best to do but watching ghost driver wearing the metal blue
It seems like you let your head get to you
Like it was ahead of you, slowed you down and beheaded you
Stole your revenue, your health, your medical
Eternal ghost roam earth, the remains of him is residue
My itching, sweaty palms was holding messes too
Check for your crew, they check for you and all you execute
I'm letting go, free falling without a para
I'm letting go, free falling without a parachute
Yeah and on a second note.

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