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They Want by Hodgy

Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide lyrics They Want
Artist: Hodgy
Album: Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide (2016)


Lyrics for They Want by Hodgy

They want you to fail, they want you to hate yourself [x3]
They want you to
They want youuuu
(Why do they want me to hate myself?)

I don't question intuity, neither my actions
I know myself thoroughly, lead to attraction
When you're talking to me, look at me don't be distracted
I feel we're retracting, moving backwards
Kinda like allegations and legal actions
Spent so much time on negatives pleading for reactions
Cops and them robbers basking in blood
He's the blackest, he's a thug, first we kill him then shoot the mug
No weapon on him, no drugs
No inquiries or warrants either
Got a kid and wife at home, it's fucked up he won't see them tonight
Or tomorrow, or the day after
When feds ... parade after, hotbox and gay laughter
Pat yourself on the back nigga, you done did something good for the civilians in this world
She got feelings, she's a little girl
That was her father, her fucking role model
They hit him with some shells, that tostada but they forgot the horchata.

They want you to fail, they want you to hate yourself [x2]
They want youuu
(Why do they want me to hate myself?)

My nigga, you got a set of ..., without a job
You just hit the gym, like you doing something
Calling all your friends, seeing what they up to
Why you clocking in?
You a grown ass man, and they grown ass men
You like 30 years, outta town slanging ...
You're cutting niggas short, without a place of your own
You don't inspire me, you're not welcome inside my home, no
You think you a king? you sleeping inside your car nigga
Take a look in the mirror and peep who you are nigga
I see light from a vantage point, from afar nigga
And when I'm up close, you can see the scars nigga
Drinking hard liquor, fuck the malt liquor
I'm a real one oh yep, I'm a boss nigga
Cut your circulation off nigga
Deal with your issues that you gotta resolve, I ain't involved witchya
I used to look up to you, and now I don't fuck with you
Don't really know what's up with you, what's going on in your brain
I'm drinking sparkling wine, listening to coltrane
About to pop this ... in my brain like I'm cobain
You running to my mom talking shit about me
My momma love me, she can't live without me
She know where my mind at
I talk to her everyday, she know I'm fighting them demons like I'm a fucking heavyweight
I learned that timing is timeless, so I let them wait
But if you got beef, you should set a date, you can see me today, if you need to.

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This song is part of album 'Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide'
Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide lyrics Album: Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide
Artist: Hodgy
Release: (2016)
  They Want

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