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Guilt by Hurts

Exile lyrics Guilt
Artist: Hurts
Album: Exile (2013)


Lyrics for Guilt by Hurts

When I go
You will be someone new
You will see the stars come out
You won't feel the pain I've caused at all

'cause someday I must face up
Someday you'll be better off on your own
So just let me go

Under the bridge
I'll carry this guilt
No more

So under the waves
And out of your way
I'll go

When I'm gone
You will find someone new
And he won't lie or torture you
And you won't cry for what you've lost at all

And someday
When you wake up happy
You will thank the lord that I'm gone
So darling be strong

I'm under the bridge
I'll bury this guilt
Forever more

So under the waves
And out of your way
I'll go

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This song is part of album 'Exile'
Exile lyrics Album: Exile
Artist: Hurts
Release: (2013)

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