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Flyin' by James Arthur
James Arthur lyrics Song: Flyin'
Artist: James Arthur
Album: James Arthur (2013)
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Ehhh yeahh...
And my uproarious arrival pushed the noise to the scene
This inglorious desire that would be left out of me
So I'll be open to rise
And open closed minds, hook lines
I'll make 'em edible
You'll gobble it down
Like it's the only thing that's floating
Hold on or drown
Words can grant your relief
I tell it bitter and sweet
You can twist out the seats
And put the demons to sleep
This is closure
Exposure of the bad things brought to life.

So you can face them, spit 'em out or maybe sleep tonight
I soak it up with the shirt off my back
Stay in the music 'til I'm dead on my back
Get 'em vexed and attack and attack and attack and attack.

Yeah, I'm passive, they're ecstatic
And it's making me sick
I swim in grease
Spilling drinks on another prick.

And I've tried, but it's too hard
So don't tell me to be calm
See, I do drink and I do get high
I throw punches through these blurry eyes
See, 'cus I was raised by a body of life
I've been focused on the ground
So long I lost it with the sky yeah
And the sky's where I'm destined for
They used to tell me that I couldn't soar
But for all my flaws.

Looks to me like I'm flying high
Looks to me like I'm flying high yeah...
Looks to me like I'm flying high
Looks to me like I'm flying high yeah yeah...
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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James Arthur lyrics Artist: James Arthur
Album: James Arthur
Release: (2013)