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Change by Jason Lancaster

As You Are lyrics Change
Artist: Jason Lancaster
Album: As You Are (2014)


Lyrics for Change by Jason Lancaster

I would like to take this time to thank you all
For not leaving me behind when I was small
Cause when I felt all alone without hope of my own
So many left me behind I felt I'd been outgrown
I can point out every time that I was wrong
Without help from anyone, just learning songs
Some people hurt without conscience and hollowly promise
They will always stand firm but their falling has come.

I can stand on my own with the help of my real friends
And tell you all about the day I got unchained
Cause I'm here, left for now
I can scream and I can shout about the ways
That you all expected me to change
But I will never change.

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This song is part of album 'As You Are'
As You Are lyrics Album: As You Are
Artist: Jason Lancaster
Release: (2014)
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As You Are (2014)



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