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Jeremy by Jimmy Fallon

Blow Your Pants Off lyrics

Jeremy lyrics

Artist: Jimmy Fallon
Album: Blow Your Pants Off (2012)


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At home
Shooting free throws
And three-point shots
Waiting for a job
Name not yet a pun
Carmelo injury
Came out of nowhere like an asian tebow

The knicks were 8 and 15
Oh, and before that no one really cared
Now jeremy is winning
And the knicks don't suck

Jeremy linsanity
Jeremy linsanity

Clearly, I remember
Pickin' on the boy
Seemed a little harvard nerd
Oh, and he beat kobe bryant
Set a screen
And took it to the hole to show
That asian men can drive
And he hit them with a surprise three
And the crowd went crazy
Oh, now he's famous
Just turned down a date
With kim kardashian

Spike lee's on the sideline cheering
Yeah, and tickets to a game cost 800 bucks
Now that the knicks are winning
It's a miracle

Jeremy linsanity
Jeremy linsanity

Try to bank this
Try to bank this
Try to bank this
Try to bank this
Off the backboard

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Blow Your Pants Off (2012)

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