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I Know Better by John Legend

Darkness And Light lyrics I Know Better
Artist: John Legend
Album: Darkness And Light (2016)


Lyrics for I Know Better by John Legend

They say sing what you know
But I've sung what they want
Some folks do what they're told
But baby this time I won't
Will look through that door
I know the truth won't lie
Some things I've done before I can't justify.

There are kings in my past
Things no one can be proud of
But I stand in the light I've casted
And turn away from any lack of love
Oh, and I walked through that door
I say here I go
You see me and nothing more
I'm singing what I know.

I know better
I know better.

Legend is just a name
I know better than to be so proud
I won't drink in all this fame
I'll take more love than I'm allowed.

I won't have to cut it off from where it came
My history has brought me to this place
This power and the color of my face.

And I know better, oh...
I know better, oh...

I'll rise from the floor if I don't win
I'll bust open that door so let me in
And the music chooses me to sing I let her
I'll sing what I know, yes.

I know better, oh
I know better, yes
I know better
I know better.

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This song is part of album 'Darkness And Light'
Darkness And Light lyrics Album: Darkness And Light
Artist: John Legend
Release: (2016)
  I Know Better

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