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Babylon by Jonathan Thulin

The Anatomy Of A Heartflow lyrics Babylon
Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Album: The Anatomy Of A Heartflow (2011)


Lyrics for Babylon by Jonathan Thulin

We paint our colors to get close to you
Paint it black and blue
But we don't get through
'cause you wanted different colors from the start
Placed it in our heart
Wrote it on the wall.

We mean well 'till we bleed
We are troubled indeed.

Because our hearts are in babylon
Our will is strong
But the truth is a killer
And as we speak with the tongues of men
You will descend
And down will come babylon.

We cross our fingers for prosperity
I, myself, and me
Where's our dignity?
We shake our fists at all the bad that is
When the problem is
We're the cause of it.

We need to march, march, march
'till the walls come down
Watch it fall like snow
Just like jericho.

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This song is part of album 'The Anatomy Of A Heartflow'
The Anatomy Of A Heartflow lyrics Album: The Anatomy Of A Heartflow
Artist: Jonathan Thulin
Release: (2011)

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