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I Never Fall by Katie Melua

Ketevan lyrics

I Never Fall lyrics

Artist: Katie Melua
Album: Ketevan (2013)


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When you fall in love too careless and too fast
It may never last, it's a freightning view
You'll fall down with a bump

I never fall
I always jump

There's a certain risk
What can your heart stand?
Some things can be planned
But if you get to fly
Landing's worth a thought


One step at a time
The edge is getting nearer
Now that we've met
The world seems clearer

Before we know it's now or never
So let's jump together

If he takes your heart
Takes you out to hide
And you don't question that

But if he lies to you
You'll crush down with a thump

[Chorus x3]

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Ketevan lyrics Artist: Katie Melua
Album: Ketevan
Song: I Never Fall
Release: (2013)
  I Never Fall

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