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My Own Monster by Katy Perry

Katy Hudson lyrics My Own Monster
Artist: Katy Perry
Album: Katy Hudson (2001)


Lyrics for My Own Monster by Katy Perry

I turn my head
There's nothing there
All I own is my thoughts
For my fears
I close the door
To keep out the bad
I plug my ears
To keep out these fears

And I cry

So hold me close
For I'm so tired
Of holding myself
So very tired
And tired
Tired and tired
Just hold me


I listen to these voices
Or is it this house
That's giving me chills,
As I lie upon
This little girls bed
Who's at the door?
Who's walking near?
Or has
My imagination spilled?
This little girl
All grown up still fears

Oh and I cry


Where can I go
Where can I hide
From these evil sufferings?
Oh these images
Painted on my walls
They say there's a place
That I can hide
In the shadow of your wings
Oh lord, bring me
To this place of refuge

No more tears.


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This song is part of album 'Katy Hudson'
Katy Hudson lyrics Album: Katy Hudson
Artist: Katy Perry
Release: (2001)
  My Own Monster

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