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So Far Apart by Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson lyrics Song: So Far Apart
Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Lyrics for So Far Apart by Kelly Clarkson

If I could wrap my hand around,
Why you won't hear me now,
You tend to break my heart.

Keep my eyes close long enough,
Or maybe just wake up without a soul so fall apart

Everytime I pick you up, you find the way to fall
Don't you know a conversation doesn't mean ignore me.

Like a father leaving as a ghost,
And like a lover leaving when you need it most
And like a son you love, but can't quite reach anymore.

If I could figure out what you want from me,
I'm always open, and you can count on me.
Give you room to breath in hope, that part of you that's so cold,
We melted, we can be friends again.

Everytime I feel I'm getting closer, things get worse,
But I know how the story goes because you're not the first.

And even though you think that you don't need me,and you don't miss me,
Now I know everything you should know.
Like a daughter, I pray,
Like a lover, I wait,
Like a mother I'll be here when you fall.

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