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Noir by Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey lyrics Song: Noir
Artist: Lana Del Rey
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Oh, oh, ah-ah, oh
Oh, oh...

Walking is an art, so is my body
Pappy is a workaholic, I'm his little party
I'm miss parlor-tricks, sips above the 'cardi
I can make you dope, sick from the naughtiness
He says "who the best?" you is!

I'm glamorous
Dangerous, but I'm crazy
I'm gonna leave you, he said you're not a real girl
You're like a cartoon, all caught up in this fame game
Yo, good luck, good luck, good luck
And may all the stars in the sky bow down to you
We're through

You gotta be smart, and I'm a lil' smarty
Pappy is a gangster, I'm his little dolly
Party favour favourite of them all he said
Baby doll is so sick, sick of your naughtiness

Let's go to vegas
They say "who the best?" he said she is, she is but
Yo, she crazy, like in every single way
Like a hurricane, you gotta get out of the way

But she's hot and she's cold
And she's cool and she's bold and
She's full of rage like me and I like the game yo

Cos I'm glamorous
Dangerous, but I'm crazy
Oh, glamorous
Notorious, famous but I'm crazy
He's gonna leave me, he wants a real girl!
I'm like a cartoon, all caught up in his fame game
Yo, good luck, good luck
He said we're through

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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