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See You Again by Miley Cyrus
Breakout lyrics Song: See You Again
Artist: Miley Cyrus
Album: Breakout (2008)
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I got my sight set on you
And I'm ready to aim
I have a heart that will
Never be tamed

I knew you were something special
When you spoke my name
Now I can't wait to see you again

I've got a way of knowing
When something is right
I feel like I must have known you
In another life
'cause I felt this deep connection
When you looked in my eyes

Now I can't wait to see you again

The last time I freaked out
I just kept looking down
I stuttered when you asked me what I'm thinking about
Felt like I couldn't breathe
You asked what's wrong with me
My best friend Lesley said "Oh she's just being Miley"
The next time we hang out
I will redeem myself
My heart can rest till then (a-whoa a-whoa)
Now I can't wait to see you again

I got this crazy feeling deep inside
When you called and asked to see me tomorrow night
I'm not a mind reader but I'm reading the sign
That you can't wait to see me again


I got my sight set on you and I'm ready to aim


(a-whoa a-whoa)
Now I can't wait to see you again
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Breakout lyrics Artist: Miley Cyrus
Album: Breakout
Release: (2008)

  See You Again