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Intro by Mindless Behavior

1 Girl lyrics Intro
Artist: Mindless Behavior
Album: 1 Girl (2011)


Lyrics for Intro by Mindless Behavior

[Princeton] yo, wassup? we are...

[All] mindless behavior

[Princeton] we just want to give a shoutout to all of our beautiful fans out there for purchasing our debut album. we hope you enjoy every single song. we put a lot of hard work and dedication into it.

[Roc royal] wait, hold up prince. let's also give a shoutout to the wonderful ladies out there ([all]yeah! all the beautiful girls, yeah!) we see you.

[Prodigy] yo, we can't forget about the fellas ya'll. ([all] yep)

[Princeton] wait, we want all our fans that purchased this album to stay mindless 24/7. no matter what.

[Ray ray] wait wait wait, hold up. we forgot one thing.

[All] what is it?

[Ray ray] we're looking for...

[All] our #1 girl

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This song is part of album '1 Girl'
1 Girl lyrics Album: 1 Girl
Artist: Mindless Behavior
Release: (2011)
  1 Girl

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