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Keep On Shining by Natalie Grant

Stronger lyrics Keep On Shining
Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Stronger (2003)


Lyrics for Keep On Shining by Natalie Grant

He will be there
Through the hurricane
Through the pouring rain
He will be there
Through the longest night
Everything's gonna be alright
The storm is gonna end
And the sun's gonna rise again

Keep on shining
Let love light up the darkest sky
And you'll be flying
Rise above all the hardest times
So hold on (hold on)
Be strong (be strong)
Come on (come on, come on)
Keep on shining

Nothing can stop
The way he feels
'cause his love's so real
No mountain top
Will ever be too high
'cause with jesus by your side
There's nothing you can't do
You're gonna make it through


You know in your soul
You know in your heart
He will always be your only
Guiding star


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This song is part of album 'Stronger'
Stronger lyrics Album: Stronger
Artist: Natalie Grant
Release: (2003)
  Keep On Shining

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