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We Are All The Same by Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant lyrics We Are All The Same
Artist: Natalie Grant
Album: Natalie Grant (1999)

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Lyrics for We Are All The Same by Natalie Grant

My life is filled with joy and tears
Just like somebody, ten thousand miles from here
We stand, a half a world apart
Looking up at the same stars

We're the fellowship of the unashamed
Children in our savior's eyes
Praying for god's touch
To guide us through our different lives

'cause everybody needs his perfect love
Just like every flower needs the rain
Reminding us, the whole world over
We are all the same
And god is reaching out his hand to us
As all across the earth we call his name
Reminding us, the whole world over
Deep at heart, we are all the same

His love has opened up our eyes
Closing the distance, between our different lives
And his grace fills every step we take
As we walk on in faith

No matter who or where we are
He will be our common ground
Take all the walls we build
And bring them crashing down


So, let us thank for his love we've come to know
We know we will never face this world alone


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Home > Natalie Grant > We Are All The Same

This song is part of album 'Natalie Grant'
Natalie Grant lyrics Album: Natalie Grant
Artist: Natalie Grant
Release: (1999)
  We Are All The Same

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