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My New Robot by Neil Young

Peace Trail lyrics My New Robot
Artist: Neil Young
Album: Peace Trail (2016)


Lyrics for My New Robot by Neil Young

It's a lonely cup of coffee
Cause my baby's gone
Someone has to work
I know that's true.

Carpenters bring ladders
I bring love to you
Their working day begin
Under skies of blue.

Is just now getting started
And I'm sitting under a tree
Singing a song
And thinking of you.

My life has been so lucky
The package is arrived
I got my new robot
From amazon dot com.

Unpacking it now
I have a sense of pride
I'm going online
To program it for you.

(Powering on)

Things here have changed
Welcome to (your name), house, home
Swipe your card
When you enter your pin number.

My owner is not available
Please enjoy your stay
Leave magnetic articles
In the plastic bin marked visitor in grey.

For color blind visitors
Please refer to parameters
To enter your new 7-digit password
That must contain at least one numeric character
And your mother's maiden name.

Please feel free
It's just an exercise
Your media is already chosen
Based on your habits.

(Powering off)

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This song is part of album 'Peace Trail'
Peace Trail lyrics Album: Peace Trail
Artist: Neil Young
Release: (2016)
  My New Robot

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