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Lyla by Oasis

Don't Believe The Truth lyrics Lyla
Artist: Oasis
Album: Don't Believe The Truth (2005)


Lyrics for Lyla by Oasis

Calling on the stars to fall
And catch the silver sunlight in your hands
Come for me and set me free
Lift me up and take me where I stand

She believes in everything
And everyone and you and yours and mine
I waited for a thousand years
For you to come and blow me out my mind

Hey lyla
The star's about to fall -
So what you say lyla
The world around us makes me feel so small lyla
If you can hear me call then I can say lyla
Heaven help you catch me if I fall

She's the queen of all I've seen
And every song and city far and near
Heaven help me mademoiselle
She rings the bell for all the world to hear

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This song is part of album 'Don't Believe The Truth'

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