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Blanket And Crib by Okkervil River
Down The River Of Golden Dreams lyrics Song: Blanket And Crib
Artist: Okkervil River
Album: Down The River Of Golden Dreams (2003)
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Safe, safe - enjoy your time feeling so safe,
And treasure that smile on your face, okay?
Cause time will see that it's replaced in a while

So go on & smile, smile, handshakes all around, that's your style
And no one would call it denial, for you're
Not even sure what's in store, though it's more

Than you'll be able to take standing up straight. and it won't be okay.
And you won't be somebody who it's just happening to,
It's a trap that you, and only you,

Have laid. laid with a towel up over your face,
In your armchair, just lying in wait, waiting
Forces were gathering outside your door.

They sharpened their knives and smiled with no smiles in their eyes,
A little bit larger in size
And a little bit hungrier for that tiny prize.

And my mother she said son, remember this, no matter what someone did
That they once were just a kid at breast and in bib, in blanket and crib.
So just reach inside yourself and find that part that still needs help,
Find that part in someone else and you'll do good, so I thought that I would.

Hey, hey - I love you, it goes without saying.
I would give you the world on a tray,
Though they're already tracing a line across your throat.

Far too late in the game you'll find that you have been betrayed
Propped up and pushed into your place
I could claim that it all would go great, but the reason I came

Is to say that it won't. you should
Know that it won't, you should know that it won't
You should know that it won't
And so, phillip, let go
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Down The River Of Golden Dreams lyrics Artist: Okkervil River
Album: Down The River Of Golden Dreams
Release: (2003)

  Blanket And Crib