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AM Theme by Other Lives
Other Lives lyrics Song: AM Theme
Artist: Other Lives
Album: Other Lives (2009)

I am on a bridge
And down below
People passing by
The ones we used to know
I'd like to say goodbye.

And I had called a name
But no one heard
Sounds just like the noise
Of people talking words.

I'd love to say a prayer
For all those that flew
And all who wish to.

Golden gates
Look far from here
A peaceful view
From up above.

And can you hear their voices
Calling your name?

I am on the ground
And now I've seen
The choice to stay or go
Does not belong to me
I'd love to say hello.

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Other Lives lyrics Album: Other Lives
Artist: Other Lives
Release: (2009)
  AM Theme

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