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Evolution by Paloma Faith

The Architect lyrics Evolution
Artist: Paloma Faith
Album: The Architect (2017)


Lyrics for Evolution by Paloma Faith

There is a beauty in the distant sound of a weeping man. there's wonder in your child's eyes, or maybe your future child's eyes. and many things you may remember that you had, that you lost, that you let slip through your fingers, so cherish them all.

You are the poor, the refugee, the bloody victim. you are the power, the winner and the fighter. breathe in, you're lucky to.

Be the beauty, the memory, the past, the past, the present and the future, be infinite. do something, say something, believe in something, but most of all, know you can change things. yes, you. what are you waiting for? do not be fearful of evolution, the time is now!

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This song is part of album 'The Architect'

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