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Sheepskin Tearaway by Pete Doherty
Grace / Wastelands lyrics Song: Sheepskin Tearaway
Artist: Pete Doherty
Album: Grace / Wastelands (2009)
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She opened her heart
To a tearaway (sheepskin tearaway)
He was covered in scars
And full of heroin
Everyone said from the start
Not one single thing, could ever be ok
She didn't listen any way...

She just opened her heart
Threw her cares away
At night he helt her so tight in the dark
He brushed her hair away
She heard him say
All my life I've been fighting
And making the best of
A really very bad lot, very bad lot, veryy bad lot indee-eed.

All you're fighting got you nowhere
If nowhere's here with you
On my skin
And you could fight forever
But if you killed them all
You'd never win
So give me your surrender
There are other ways
To kill the pain
But this will never mend you
It's like trying to dry your eyes in the pouring rain.

She opened her heart
To a tearaway (sheepskin tearaway)
All covered in scars
And full of heroin.

Tearaway, sheepskin tearaway
Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep
Sheepskin tearaway.

Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Home > Pete Doherty > Sheepskin Tearaway

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Grace / Wastelands lyrics Album: Grace / Wastelands
Artist: Pete Doherty
Release: (2009)
  Sheepskin Tearaway

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