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Abducted by Rings of Saturn

Embryonic Anomaly lyrics Abducted
Artist: Rings of Saturn
Album: Embryonic Anomaly (2010)


Lyrics for Abducted by Rings of Saturn

Blasphemous man made abomination born
Creating something that's never been made before
Savior where are you now
Wreaking terror through the sky
Hate envelops every soul
Your fate no longer in your hands, mind control to the fullest extent,
Demise of humanity
Severed heads overflow as the spree continues
Man destroys man, the ultimate killing machine
Resistance-a ticket to sure death
Slonce zachodzi
Death now rules this hated land
Man made abomination born
Spawned the destruction machine rises
Eaten from the inside out
Every last worthless piece of fucking shit dead.

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This song is part of album 'Embryonic Anomaly'
Embryonic Anomaly lyrics Album: Embryonic Anomaly
Artist: Rings of Saturn
Release: (2010)

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