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Faces Imploding by Rings of Saturn

Dingir lyrics Faces Imploding
Artist: Rings of Saturn
Album: Dingir (2012)


Lyrics for Faces Imploding by Rings of Saturn

This is the path you will be subject to follow
Burrowing into the mind, I ever approach to eviscerate such filth
Manifesting beneath skin to dwell within luscious organs
Rewriting the human code.

Recreate the era of an ancient civilization
All of life, these merciless forms consume your world.

Recreate the era of an ancient civilization
All of life, these merciless forms consume your...

Darkness surrounds your privileged earth
You are helpless in the eyes of the unknown
Devastation will hail down from the stars
As our crafts descend upon your terrain
Upon your terrain
Abducting everything in sight.

Failure to succumb to my being, we will infest your soul
Extract the life
Reanimate these corpses to wage war on those who disobey.

Faces are imploding, blood vessels are exploding
All you can see is death in their eyes.

Enigmatic forms consume their hearts
Craving, anxiously awaiting the next chance there is to feast
We have claimed this race
The abomination of evil has arrived
And thus, they perish
Winds carry what has transpired to the ears of those enslaved.

Let this storm of apocalyptic chaos rain over your insignifican't home
Publicly executed for the people who are left to observe
Dispersed throughout the plain creating mountains of corpses
An experiment your lives have become
The extinction of the human scum is now.


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This song is part of album 'Dingir'
Dingir lyrics Album: Dingir
Artist: Rings of Saturn
Release: (2012)
  Faces Imploding

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