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Godless Times by Rings of Saturn
Lugal Ki En lyrics Song: Godless Times
Artist: Rings of Saturn
Album: Lugal Ki En (2014)
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I have come to cast these unprofitable souls into a land of eternal darkness.
They will join their angels and demons in a life of weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Burn their flesh to a crisp, and let the flakes fall down for my children.
The smoke will ascend to the divine one's realm, where I will meet him with his second fucking death.
Bind him by his hand and foot, not even he can escape the stench of death.
I have strung him up and bled him dry, to sip his life force from the holy grail.
These are now godless times, and you are all fucked.
For as he resurrects, I shall strike him down again.
Purge the resources until the core crumbles.
This is not holy war, just extermination.
Make way for your godless engineer.
Fertilize the land with the blood of the righteous ones.
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Lugal Ki En lyrics Artist: Rings of Saturn
Album: Lugal Ki En
Release: (2014)

  Godless Times