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Black Coffee by Rival Sons

Hollow Bones lyrics Black Coffee
Artist: Rival Sons
Album: Hollow Bones (2016)


Lyrics for Black Coffee by Rival Sons

Black coffee (ooh) is my name
Black coffee (black coffee) ooh, is my thing
Black coffee (ooh) freshly ground and fully prepared (with sugar please)
Black coffee, mmh that's where it's at.

And I know, way back you all know since I don't know when
See I got hungover before I was ten
You see my skin is white but my soul is black
And my hot black coffee, that's where it's at.

(Black coffee) oh, that's what I'm telling you now
(Black coffee) that's what I want, that's what I need
(Black coffee) waow, yeah
(Black coffee) that's where it's at
(Black coffee)

Let go to the outside of the
Black tea, it's as black as it can be
Black tea (can't compare with me) that's right
Black tea (ooh) it's as good as, good as it can possibly be
But it's a cup of black coffee that's what a working man needs and I wanna tell ya...

Back in america, it's the land of the free
You can get anything you want as long as you've got that do re me
Well I've travelled far and I work like a slave
But I'm independent now, and you know I get laid
I got me a job, I built me a place
I get that little black coffee, and how good it tastes
I said a dime is all it costs back in the states
For a cup of black coffee and how good it tastes.

(Black coffee) alright
(Black coffee) ah yeah
(Black coffee) that's what I want, don't you hear me
(Black coffee) to soothe my soul, got to soothe my soul
(Black coffee) that's what I want, it's what I need)
(Black coffee) it's where it's at, it's where it's at
(Black coffee) yeah
(Black coffee) (it's what I want, it's what I need)
(Black coffee) (it's where it's at, it's where it's at)
Yeah give it to me.

(Black coffee)

Ooh ooh
Well I got something to tell you now
Like I need you to sit down and stop talking
Listen to me, listen
Don't it make you feel good
Gonna make you feel good
Gonna make you feel good.

Oh I wanna hear it from you right now
You tell me from underneath your
Said I don't it make you feel good, yeah...

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This song is part of album 'Hollow Bones'
Hollow Bones lyrics Album: Hollow Bones
Artist: Rival Sons
Release: (2016)
  Black Coffee

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