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Destination On Course by Rival Sons

Great Western Valkyrie lyrics Destination On Course
Artist: Rival Sons
Album: Great Western Valkyrie (2014)

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Lyrics for Destination On Course by Rival Sons

Sail your ships for openings
Ride the waves that cover me
Moving through uncharted space
Slow exist state of grace
Far away from home
Return before too long.

Leave your troubles out the door
You have been lost what your looking for
Eyes that move across the sky
The signal fades
There's no reply.

Suddenly refine
You turn the hands of time
Only to unveil
Your hands have slipped from the rail.

Slide through the night
Suffer through the rain
Destination on
Destination on course.

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Home > Rival Sons > Destination On Course

This song is part of album 'Great Western Valkyrie'
Great Western Valkyrie lyrics Album: Great Western Valkyrie
Artist: Rival Sons
Release: (2014)
  Destination On Course

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