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Radio by Rival Sons

Rival Sons lyrics Radio
Artist: Rival Sons
EP: Rival Sons (2011)


Lyrics for Radio by Rival Sons

Way back when before the vacuum tube
Tesla was working on a deeper groove
Marconi had the money just to get it all made
Tesla had the skills but marconi got paid.

This information ain't just stir-crazy.

All I really want is my radio
Yes, I really need my radio
Turn it up.

What'cha gonna do with the power of franz?
Without your computer you'll be chasing your tail
You'd better file complaints in an e-mail
Crystal said it'll be my hammer and nails.

This information ain't just stir-crazy.

All I really want is my radio
Talkin' 'bout radio
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up.

People try to tell me that I'm way too slow
They just wanna talk about their teenage show
No sign is gonna tell me which way to go
Dj tell me what I need to know.

Radio, radio, radio, radio...

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This song is part of album 'Rival Sons'
Rival Sons lyrics EP: Rival Sons
Artist: Rival Sons
Release: (2011)

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