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Young Love by Rival Sons

Pressure & Time lyrics

Young Love lyrics

Artist: Rival Sons
Album: Pressure & Time (2011)


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Well your daddy's gone too fat this time,
And I combed my hair, been putting up front.
But his little girl's man is about to draw the line,
Nobody's gonna keep me from what I want.

She's my young love,
Young love.

Well the train out of gainesville leaves at nine,
And I shaved my face and sold my bike.
I've got a factory job up in north caroline,
And we can name our kids whatever we like.

She's my young love,
Young love.

'So if I leave with you, darling I've got to know are you gonna take care of me?'
Oh baby, I'll put diamonds in your mouth,
Birds on your shoulders, limousine in the driveway,
Rings on your fingers and marble under your feet.

She's my young love,
Young love. that's what I want.

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Pressure & Time lyrics Artist: Rival Sons
Album: Pressure & Time
Song: Young Love
Release: (2011)
  Young Love

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