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If I Don't Tell You Now by Ronan Keating
Ronan lyrics Song: If I Don't Tell You Now
Artist: Ronan Keating
Album: Ronan (2000)
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I kept it inside
For the longest time
And I can't keep keeping it
All this love that's
Inside of my heart
Maybe it's safer not
To say that I care
Maybe this road won't
Lead me anywhere

But if I don't tell you now
I may never get
The chance again
To tell you that
I need you, tell you
What I'm feeling
If I keep these feelings in
And if I don't
Say the words
How will you hear
What's inside my heart
How will you know then
If I don't tell you now

I'd do anything to
Be in your dreams
And I can't stand
Standing by
With this dream
That's inside my heart
Maybe I'm only gonna
Make a mistake
And there's a chance
Maybe my heart will break

[Repeat chorus]

How will you know
You're inside my soul
Oh it's driving me crazy
'Cause you don't see,
You're the world to me
I'm so afraid to see
The way that
I feel for you

[Repeat chorus]

Oh oh
If I don't tell you now

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Home > Ronan Keating > If I Don't Tell You Now

This song is part of album 'Ronan'

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