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Chloe In The Afternoon by St. Vincent
Strange Mercy lyrics Song: Chloe In The Afternoon
Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Strange Mercy (2011)
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You're all legs
I'm all nerves
Black black pearl
Horse-hair whip
My own heels
Heal my hurt
Grease the wheel
Feel your floor.

Chloe in the afternoon... [x5]

No kisses, no real need
No kisses, no real needs.

Who here
Hear your word
Ring, ring phone
Send you home
Find my heels
Heal my hurt
White white shirt
Back to work.

Chloe in the afternoon... [x10]
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Home > St. Vincent > Chloe In The Afternoon

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Strange Mercy lyrics Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Strange Mercy
Release: (2011)

  Chloe In The Afternoon