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Dinner For Two by St. Vincent

Love This Giant lyrics Dinner For Two
Artist: St. Vincent
Album: Love This Giant (2012)


Lyrics for Dinner For Two by St. Vincent

By the time the guests arrive
Ooo... already it was dark outside
Tables set with china dishes
We're welcomed in with tiny kisses
What's her name; I don't remember
Isn't that the famous author
Harry's gonna get some appetizers
Well, he's keeping out of range of small arms fire
Dina has a phone; she says it's working
Now she's crawling on the floor, across the kitchen.

Something I should tell you,
But we are never alone.

Tanks outside the bedroom window
We'll be okay with the curtain closed
The guests are fine behind the sofa
It's much too late, they should not go home.

Something I should tell you,
But we are never alone.

Up by dawn, already morning
I ask myself what is going on
Some tender words and sidelong glances
Are you okay, have you lived here long?

Underneath the stairway,
Somebody's changing her clothes
Sweaters and a t-shirt,
Silk dresses cover the floor
Sit down by my side
Take my overcoat
When will we get out
Maybe we will soon
Some of us losing it
Some of us breaking down
Some of us speaking out
Used to it now.

Something I should tell you,
But we are never alone.

There's something I should tell you,
And I've been waiting so long.

When it's over with, going our separate ways
How about you and me;
Dinner for two.

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This song is part of album 'Love This Giant'
Love This Giant lyrics Album: Love This Giant
Artist: St. Vincent
Release: (2012)
  Dinner For Two

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