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Boots by The Dead South

Illusion & Doubt lyrics Boots
Artist: The Dead South
Album: Illusion & Doubt (2016)


Lyrics for Boots by The Dead South

Seven long years, I waited for you
You played your games, I played mine too
While I wait for you
Courting calls and lots of hurt
Girls are crying and I'm lying in the dirt
Trying to make this work
I'm a big jerk, fooled by your smirk.

Pulled out your gun, shooting me with words
Right through the head, oh, just like I deserve
Throw me to the curb
All them old folks gathering round me
Point and laugh, oh, white they watch me bleed
I'm starting to believe
This is not a dream
Completely obsence.

Burry me, in the cold hard ground
Throw my body in while I'm lying down
Then you steal my crown
Before you leave me lying in the dirt
Take off my boots and give em to the herd
All them sad words
Beaten and disturbed
Company deserved.

Take of my boots
And I will love you.

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This song is part of album 'Illusion & Doubt'
Illusion & Doubt lyrics Album: Illusion & Doubt
Artist: The Dead South
Release: (2016)

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