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Echoes Of Silence by The Weeknd

Echoes Of Silence lyrics Echoes Of Silence
Artist: The Weeknd
Mixtape: Echoes Of Silence (2011)

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Lyrics for Echoes Of Silence by The Weeknd

Talk to me baby
Tell me what you're feeling
You say you don't need to go
Don't you pretend you didn't know.

How all of this would end up
Girl I saw it in your eyes
And baby I can read your mind
And expectations were not in sight.

You knew that talking dirty to me on the phone would get me here
Cause we both wanted to do this but I could tell that you were scared
Cause you thought there was more to us but you knew how this would end
It's gonna end how you expected girl you're such a masochist and I ask why.

And you reply... I like the thrill
Nothing's gonna make me feel this real
So baby don't go home
I don't wanna spend tonight alone.

Baby please
Would you end your night with me
Don't you leave me all behind
Don't you leave my little life.

No no no no no...

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Home > The Weeknd > Echoes Of Silence

This song is part of album 'Echoes Of Silence'
Echoes Of Silence lyrics Mixtape: Echoes Of Silence
Artist: The Weeknd
Release: (2011)
  Echoes Of Silence

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