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Greek Tragedy by The Wombats

Glitterbug lyrics Greek Tragedy
Artist: The Wombats
Album: Glitterbug (2015)


Lyrics for Greek Tragedy by The Wombats

We're smashing mics in karaoke bars
You're running late with half your makeup on
This method acting might pay our bills
But soon enough they'll be a different role to fill.

I love this feeling
But I hate this part
I wanted this to work so much
I drew up our plans on a chart
Cars are flipping, I'm in hot pursuit
My character's strong, but my head is loose.

She hits like ecstasy
Comes up and bangs the sense out of me.

The tarot cards say it's not so bad
And the blades rotate, there's just no landing pad
And better have said it, but darling you're the best
I'm just tired of falling up the penrose steps.

I hate this feeling
But I love this part
She really wants to make it work
And I clearly want to let it start
We'll build a waterslide
As soon as I get home.

Oh and she hits like ecstasy
Comes up and bangs the sense out of me
It's wrong, but surely worst to leave
And she hits like ecstasy.

So free up the cheaper seats
Here comes the greek tragedy.

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This song is part of album 'Glitterbug'
Glitterbug lyrics Album: Glitterbug
Artist: The Wombats
Release: (2015)
  Greek Tragedy

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