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I Fall Down by U2
October lyrics Song: I Fall Down
Artist: U2
Album: October (1981)
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Julie says, John I'm getting nowhere
I wrote this letter, hope to get someplace soon
I want to get up
When I wake up
But when I get up
I fall down.

Julie wake up, Julie tell the story
You wrote the letter, said you were gonna
Get there someday
Gonna walk in the sun
And the wind and the rain
Never look back again
Now you fall down
You're falling down
You fall down
You fall down.

You're falling down
You fall down
You fall down.

Julie say something, Julie say you're sorry
You're gonna get better, you better not
Leave me here anyway
I want to get up, when you wake up
But when I get up
I fall down
I'm falling down
I fall down
I broke myself.

I fall, I fall down
I'm falling down
I fall downÖ
When you fall
I fall with you
And when you're falling down
Is when I hit the ground.
I fall with you
I fall down.
Copyright: [Unknown]
Writer(s): [Unknown]

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Home > U2 > I Fall Down

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October lyrics Artist: U2
Album: October
Release: (1981)

  I Fall Down