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Last Wish by Unearth

Darkness In The Light lyrics Last Wish
Artist: Unearth
Album: Darkness In The Light (2011)


Lyrics for Last Wish by Unearth

This life will soon come to an end
I'll leave my convictions.

Day by day
I feel this life slipping away
Much further away
I know I've lost it all
Hold out your hands
And take me from my misery
There's no coming back from this
I'll never wake.

I'll never wake; I never.

I never wanted to leave you all
I never wanted to leave this life
Nothing can save my now
No one can save me.

I was left with no choice.

Freedom. my last wish to be
Held on all I could
Free me from this misery
You know I'll never wake.

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This song is part of album 'Darkness In The Light'
Darkness In The Light lyrics Album: Darkness In The Light
Artist: Unearth
Release: (2011)
  Last Wish

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